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Elf Tracker

Are there elves in your house?

When they move about they leave magical tracks around.

Elf Tracker will help you find them. Just use the scanner and look around the room. The scanner will overlay any tacks it finds on top of the rooms picture.

Be careful though. The North Pole likes the Elves to move in secret.

Every time you detect an Elf track, the North Pole can tell. Fortunately, the Elf Tracker lets you clear the tracks. Just tap an Elf track and the scanner will clear it.

However, if you detect too many tracks without clearing them, the North Pole will be able to locate your scanner and freeze it.

As the LED's get into the red zone, snow will start coming your way to freeze you out.

Remember, Elves are magical and fly as well as walk. So when you are searching for Elf tracks, make sure to look at everything, even the ceiling, you never know where they have been.

Elf Tracker is an Augmented Reality type game. It shows marks in the room where Elfs have been and left traces behind.

Tapping the marker will clear it from the tracker. The mark only stays up so long, so be sure to clear it as soon as possible.

The LED display shows how many uncleared tracks there have been. If it gets to the red zone, snow starts appearing as the North Pole starts to notice your tracking activity. If the red fills up, the North Pole will freeze the scanner.

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