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Dynamic Templates

EvalueMate’s templates help guide you through the process but they don’t force you. You can add items from the template or new items as needed. You can even add to the template the item you just created. You can also easily build new templates for later reuse. Items in the template can also have info blurbs to help you with additional information you might need to know about the item, such as what is an acceptable height or what the color of the exhaust might mean.


Templates aren’t just flat lists either, items can contain items can contain items. Much like the world. Your house has an exterior and an interior. The interior has a kitchen, bedrooms and other rooms. The bedrooms have closets and maybe a bathroom. You get the idea. EvalueMate templates and evaluations are built just the same way.


After you have polished your new template, you can share it with others. Company standard checklist you need to use? No problem, just build a template and pass it around. Evaluations can also be shared too - need someone to follow up on a punch-list? Share the evaluation with them, all of the photos and notes will be sent.

Notes and Photos

A simple thumbs up or down doesn’t always cut it. EvalueMate will let you add as many notes and photos you need to an item to show what’s going on with it. Of course these are included in the report.

No Fees

There is no website to sign up on, no monthly fees to pay. Everything, even the reports, are done in the app. You also don’t need an internet connection to use it. So when you are checking out that car in parking garage, no signal is no problem.


EvalueMate is extremely versatile, the templates can handle almost anything. The three included templates show this off: Rental House Move In/Move Out, Used Car, Labrador Retriever Breed Confirmation. You can check out a rental house, buy a car and judge a dog show all with the same app!

Cost Tracking

Items can have a cost assigned to them that show up if there is an issue. when you are done and produce a report, you already have an estimated cost ready to go.


EvalueMate pulls all of the information together in a sharp PDF report. It contains all of the photos and note. It also lists anything that was an issue. Finally, if any item that had an issue had a cost with it, it will include an estimated cost page at the end. Previous versions of reports are kept. So as you update the evaluation - especially using it as a punch-list - you can easily refer back to earlier versions so that you can see if progress is being made.

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